Women's Ministries-Ministering, supporting, training and loving women, children and families in order to grow and develop women of faith, who serve their families, communities and workplaces in the name of Jesus. 

Youth Ministries-Supporting, teaching, training and loving youth and teens in order to grow and develop youth of principle and action, who are brave and excited in the mission of reaching and serving others in the  name of Jesus. 

Community Services-Meeting needs and serving our communities in the name of Jesus.

  • Little Free Food Pantry-Providing FREE food to anyone who needs it. Located in the church parking lot, toward the back of the parking lot, next to the handicapped ramp. Take when you need, leave what you can. 

Social Committee-If we’re going to fully realize the potential God has given our churches to build the Kingdom through the people around us, we’ve got to have a plan for what happens when people join the body of believers and to becoming a functioning part of that body in unity with the church family. Our social committee exists to connect our members together in bonds of friendship and shared goals in order to better execute the job of evangelism that Jesus Christ has left for His church. 

Couples Ministries-The purpose of this ministry is to improve and maintain communication and partnership between spouses. The goal is to build a marriage based on a foundation of biblical principles and to realize that marriage God's way offers the most fulfilling relationship humanly possible. It is meant to encourage and challenge couples in their spiritual journey by digging into Gods word to build their marriage the way that God intends. 

To request help from one of our ministries, please fill in the FORM and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Services are provided as funds and resources are available, and on a 1st come, first served basis.


We are always accepting donations of food items. If you wish to help, the list of needed items can be found HERE. 


Women's Ministries, Social Committee & Couples Ministries Survey